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3D Prototyping: from Kinect to Ultimaker Bot, 2014, Glasgow (UK)

Media objectification can be a measure related to our perceptive system. This 3D prototyping experimentation explores the degraded patterns of media objectification through 3D scanning and 3D printing tools, by turning bodies into a replicated series of unprocessed objects.

        The scans were taken in depth by using the Kinect sensor and Skanect software. These were edited on Blender and Photoshop, and finally 3D printed by using the Ultimaker Bot (2 x 3D models, approx. 25x30 cm) at Scotland’s first open-access prototyping MakLab studio, based in Glasgow (Scotland, UK). The scans were digitally printed (2 x 880x880 mm) and mounted on c-bond. The work was exhibited at Steven’s Holl Reid building at the GSA Degree Show in 2014. One print was sold at the Artpistol gallery after the gradshow. The artwork was featured in blogs and magazines from the UK, such as: Central Station — The Creative Social Network, Computer Arts Magazine or Avenir Magazine (Issue 4, p.99-100).