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This work explores female empowerment and gender inequality together with the degraded patterns of media objectification that turns bodies into sexualized objects, eventually developing malleable social behaviors. By exploring the transition between digital and physical spaces through 3D scanning and 3D printing techniques, a series of experiments have been performed, turning a physical body into a digital entity by using the Kinect sensor. This  geometrical form has been then 3D printed back again to the physical world transforming into a raw and unprocessed object that has changed its original properties. This transition is used as an analogy to send out a critical message to the audience. The work was exhibited at Steven’s Holl Reid building at the GSA 2014 Degree Show and at the Artpistol gallery.

Specs: 2 x (880x880 mm) digital prints mounted on c-bond. The resulting images were scanned in depth by using Kinect sensor and Skanect software. The scans were later edited in Blender and Photoshop + 2 x 3D models (approx. 25x30 cm) 3D printed on Ultimaker 2 at Scotland’s first open-access prototyping MakLab studio, based in Glasgow.