UI & Graphic Design  ︎


Set of different graphic identities created during my living stage abroad in the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands: 1. Ferien Workshop Für Junge Gefluchtete Frauen is a non-profit initiative that supports the integration of young women refugee through creative activities and workshops located in the countryside of Hamburg. / 2. Art Against Knives (AAK) is a London-based young charity that fights against knife crime by supporting the youth from deprived areas in the city through creative initiatives, emerging new talents. / 3. Sheeeft is a solo-female interior architecture design studio based in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) raised from the idea of moving spaces. / 4. Mujeressinfronteras identity was created for Spanish speaking women immigrant rights group based in Hamburg (Germany). / 5. Reid identity was developed for Steven’s Holl 2014 newly designed building during a graphic design project stage at the Glasgow School of Art, during my studies in Scotland (UK).