UI Graphic Design  ︎


AAK, 2011-2012, London (UK)

My volunteer experience for ART AGAINST KNIVES during my living stage in London, aimed at curating digital media content as well as developing graphic design prototypes for important social and art initiatives based in London, such as the Art Auction celebrated at Bethnal Green’s Town Hall in 2011, temporarily participating in the setup of youth-led creative events.

AAK is a young, creative charity, working to reduce the root causes of knife crime through youth-led arts initiatives that provide an alternative to violent gang culture. The money raised in this art auction was ploughed straight back into providing creative opportunities for young people in some of the most deprived areas in London. The success of AAK today is also thanks to an entire team of young volunteers, some fellow art students, some young people who have been born and brought up in the estates in east London.︎︎︎Read more

Wolfgang Tillmans - Cameron