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Franc González. Barcelona (Spain), 1987.
Franc is a visual designer graduated in the master of Media Design: Experimental Publishing at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. His work intersects printed matter digging into the sociopolitical side of software and design as part of his studies, in an ongoing quest to better understand the radical implications of digital tools to society and individuals in general. This has led to experiment with diverse publishing formats; from books, to coding or sonic experiments. His last project, led him to research the use of revision control software in journalism, and the exercise of building digital repositories as a way to publish and document sensitive information. These last few years, he has worked closely with experienced designers, such as studio Renate Boere, developed collaborative projects with talented students from the Piet Zwart Institute, volunteered in educational projects in Germany, and published several projects alongside his studies in the UK and the Netherlands.


Referendum medialogs (gradshow)
Ubik + S/ASH gallery (Worm)
5 July 2018, Rotterdam (NL)

Referendum medialogs
Arts Meet Radical Openess (AMRO)
20 May 2018, Linz (AUT)

OP=OP bootleg edition
The American Book Center
20 June 2017, Amsterdam (NL)

The Autonomous Archive
Het Nieuwe Instituut
15 June 2017, Rotterdam (NL)

TGC #3
De Player
March 24 2017, Rotterdam (NL)

S/ASH Gallery (Worm)
December 2016, Rotterdam (NL)

Untreated Bodies
Artpistol Gallery
August 2014, Glasgow (UK)

Untreated Bodies
Avenir Magazine (Issue 4, p.99-100)
2014, London (UK)

Untreated Bodies
Computer Arts Magazine
4 July 2014 (UK)

Untreated Bodies
Central Stn. — The Creative Social Network
June 16, 2014 (UK)

Paper Moneda
Selected A — Graphic Design from Europe
2009, Barcelona (ES)

MA Media Design: Experimental Publishing
Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam University of Applied Science
2016-2018, Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

BA (Hons) Communication Design
The Glasgow School of Art
2009*-2014, Glasgow (UK)