UI Graphic Design  ︎


Aircraft Control Dashboard, 2020, Barcelona (ES)

This Web App is a prototype/exercise developed for Nuvolar Works. The aim is to provide a control dashboard for tracking aircrafts with different flight purposes, whether private or commercial. The App shows multiple levels of content with varying needs for a Dispatcher who is controlling the aircrafts. The user cannot just change the content’s view and distribution, it can also search specific info or filter it with switches according to “flight overall status”, “flight type”, “flight status”, or “type of flight to perform”.

The dashboard showcases aircraft data combining both image and flight data and information controls, allowing users to have a quick and clear overview of the content’s structure, but not the full details of the "tasks" for instance. When the user opens up an aircraft, it navigates deeper into a sub-category of content. This subcategory allows to have a full scope of the flight’s overall status, including the Tasks (crew, permits and services), and a summary of all flights info underneath in form of list, so that the user can have a permanent view of all the information.