UI Graphic Design  ︎


Interface design for Serekunda based nonprofit sustainable project, raised during my volunteering stage on the West coast of Africa. These interfaces aim at providing visibility to a small family-based project with ambitious sustainable goals, offering insights from diverse cultural exchanges and collaborations, information from upcoming events, and a media archive of the project’s development. The idea is to represent a specific target-audience of potential volunteers and participants interested in getting involved, linking to flexible fundraising tools while actively updating to social media. These UI prototypes intend to be an easy-to-navigate communication tool, highlighting experiences from volunteers, showcasing a specific selection of media resources from the local community, the project, the current news, etc. A basic structure has been developed through wireframes, laying the basic functionality of the web design: working like a scrolling feed with a top slideshow, having anchored links across the landing page, one single font, and a few color variations.