UI Graphic Design  ︎


Korjuu - An ethically produced, high quality local food ecosystem, 2021, Helsinki (FI)

Korjuu is platform for ethically produced, high-quality local food. Korjuu aims at creating a healthy and efficient food ecosystem that reduces data fragmentation among actors and increases supply chain transparency through temporarily free-to-use services. Users can register either by creating new profiles or by logging in via Facebook. The platform has many innovative features to explore: products can be ordered and picked up either directly by the producer or from registered food venues. You can register as a participant in events or create your own. You can also join groups and participate in purchases, discussions, read, and write blog posts. As a producer, you can add an organization, products, product batches with different expiration dates, etc. You can further discuss about customized services by email on info@korjuu.com. The following work showcases Korjuu’s UI/UX card development both for desktop and mobile platforms:

Korjuu has been designed for multiplatform (web and mobile). In this case, we have mainly focused on mobile devices to develop responsive graphic cards. These cards help users easily navigate through various product categories, making content easy to fit in a grid system, scroll, allowing to display image galleries with textual content. The layout has been designed according the user’s needs, removing noise, and providing relevant data linking to product details. Information hierarchy is set using specific color and font selection, applying alignment, spacing and contrast, making design easy intuitive. By testing color legibility in natural environments, I have used dark grey as oposed to pure black as it can cause more eye fatigue over long periods of time. I have considered both cross-platform compatible premium typefaces from platform such as Type Network, and open source/collaborative fonts from Google, finally chosing Authentic Sans (60, 90, 130, 150).