UI Graphic Design     ︎

MA project, 2017-2018, (NL)

This experimental media research and archive project is an XPUB Publishing House (PZI-WDKA owned) media design master’s publication about internet censorship and media noise surrounding the events of the 1 October (1-O) in Catalonia (Spain), a period of time characterized by nonsotp overloads of inaccurate information and political uncertainty. These series of interfaces offers a journey of the different work generated throughout this research, offering a space for data collection, online debate and relevant resources.

        The project uses open-source revision control software to track and log information changes from the news media. The project offers a series of video-interviews and transcripts from journalists, activists, developers and archivists who played a significant role during these events. Furthermore, the research analyses a series of tools and software to counter state censorhsip, some of them used during this conflict, rising awareness about the different available technology nowadays. During this work-in-progress I was invited to present the project’s development @ Arts Meet Radical Openess (AMRO) festival, on 20 May 2018, in Linz (AUT). The project was published @ Ubik & Slash Gallery (Worm), 5 July 2017 Rotterdam (NL).

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