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OP=OP riso poster series


OP=OP is the first special issue conceptualised, developed and produced this autumn by the students from the Experimental Publishing study path (XPUB) at the Media Design and Communication Master, Piet Zwart Institute. Derived from Monopoly, the publication takes the form of a board game that explores the topic of scarcity, with players competing for assets, services and raw materials, following their pre-defined agendas, establishing both regulated and unregulated trade transactions, while witnessing an accelerating depletion of all resources. By amplifying, modifying, and adding to the initial rules of Monopoly, OP=OP aims at triggering discussions on property, trades, ecology, and markets, thus breaking through the consumerist sugarcoating culture of the infamous board game, and bring back to light its origin as a critical device.

Material produced in this project:

  1. ︎ OP=OP book&game
  2. ︎ Risoprints poster
  3. ︎ Risoprints logo
  4. ︎ OP=OP bootleg