UI Graphic Design     ︎

Social integration initiatives, 2015-2016, Hamburg (DE)

Mujeres Sin Fronteras (Women Without Borders) is an anti-racist feminist group supporting Spanish speaking immigrant women * and trans * in Hamburg. The organization does not depend on a state agency. It is independent and self-managed through donations and volunteer work, understanding the work as a space for social practice, political and collective action. This graphic design work aims at diversifying female identity through different typographic styles, movement and directions.

        In August 2015 some members of the collective organized sepparately a workshop for young refugee women. With up to 16 participants (and their children) they drive to an educational center in the Hamburg area. In a protected space among women, the participants can become aware of their resources, experience strengthening and relaxation. They offered creative and theatrical exercises, units for self-reflection, German as a second language, professional orientation and trauma pedagogy, aiming at reducing the burden on women in Hamburg as a place to live and study. This consisted of six team members from the fields of trauma pedagogy, special education, teaching at vocational schools, art therapy, graphic design, ethnology, linguistics, and German as a second language. The offer was free of charge for young women. They started a crowdfunding campaign at betterplace.org (using the following link to call up the project and donate: http://betterplace.org/p31698). All questions directed to the project’s email: bildungsprojekt@posteo.de.