UI Graphic Design     ︎

Design studio UI, 2017, The Hague (NL)

Web interfaces developed during working stage at Studio Renate Boere in the Hague. The brief consisted on researching and designing a series of prototypes for the studio’s graphic design projects, following UX design principles, emphasizing simplicity, and making typographic choices with rythm and easy-to-access screens.

        The resulting prototypes offer an easy interaction to the user, with responsiveness and a clear hierarchy of elements: a main backdrop/slideshow of the studio’s highlights, a collapsable menu linking to relevant information, and the project thumbs. The layout consistency improves the site’s usability, becoming more intuitive and easy-to-navigate. The site links up easily with the studio’s online webshop; the “Hybridcrocodile” publishing house. To create this, we have been working on the conceptualization and branding narrative of the online-webshop.