UI Graphic Design  ︎


Project collaboration at SEAT Automotive working hand-to-hand with designers, developers, and engineers on advanced human-machine interfaces (HMIs) for confidential electric vehicles. Head-up displays or in-vehicle HMIs, are powerful graphical interfaces that enable the user/driver to stay connected with the vehicle. My design role consisted of conducting multiple user-tests, optimize graphics through weekly software-based simulations and hardware-prototypes, gather weekly across different teams, and fix/apply specific graphic issues or new requirements according to UI/UX principles, usability, safety, and industry legalities. These included specific test-drives both at Seat’s Infotainment center in Barcelona, and at VW's development center located in Braunschweig (Germany).

The UI/UX HMI development process includes the following stages: 1. Brief delivery by VW with a set of specific graphic hierarchies and software specifications to Seat. / 2. Design development: the graphical user interface is tested by modeling it through an interactive HMI (using Elektrobit Guide Studio software and generated simulator builds). Newcoming issues are evaluated and solved across different teams. / 3. HMI behavior, usability, responsiveness, legalities, and layout are tested independently in all screen levels. / 4. New design requirements are validated and created for further improvements. / 5. Design meets both legal and technical demands.