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Untreated Bodies —Media objectification
14—21 June 2014, Glasgow (UK)

By 3D scanning a human body, its organic honesty teleports into the digital world. This visual transmutation makes the body to be digitally malleable, becoming an unprocessed geometrical entity. The digital body goes back again to the physical world when 3D printing it, eventually transforming it into an unrefined object that has changed its values, revealing its untreated qualities. This work attempts to be a hand-in-hand analogy between 3D prototyping and the objectification of human nature (most dramatically for women) in the digital realm.

The project was exhibited at the Degree Show from Glasgow School of Art and also selected in a showcase from Scotland's undergraduate final projects by Artpistol Gallery.

︎ 2 x (880x880 mm) digital prints mounted on c-bond. The resulting images were scanned in depth by using Kinect sensor and Skanect software. The scans were later edited in Blender and Photoshop.

︎ 2 x 3D models (approx. 25x30 cm) 3D printed on Ultimaker 2 at the MakLab studio in Glasgow.


︎ Exhibited @ Artpistol Gallery, August 2014 Glasgow (UK)
︎ Avenir Magazine (Issue 4, pp.99-100)
︎ Creative Bloq - Computer Arts Magazine
︎ Central STN - The Creative Social Network