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Online interviews

Interviews & Conversations with activists, journalists, archivists and developers

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︎ Matthias Brugger
︎ Merce Molist
︎ Aniol Maria
︎ Daniel Morales*
︎ Edward Summers

This project offers collaborations from hackers, activists, journalists, and organizations who were involved in the matter of the online censorship surrounding the referendum, playing a significant role in the media. These different players will provide important information through documented interviews and conversations, offering a perspective from different angles. Some of this sensitive material reflect back on incidents that in some cases didn’t have the necessary media coverage or exposure. All transcripts provided in this book are also accessible online on the links above.

*E-Mail interview with Daniel Morales has been removed by request.

Material produced in this project:

︎ Diffs archive
︎ AMRO festival
︎ Online Interviews
︎ Transcripts
︎ Research book
︎ Mediawiki (referata)
︎ Mediawiki (self-hosted)