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Referendum medialogs  — Mediawiki self-hosted repository
(self-hosted, currently offline)

(hosted by Referata, online)

Referendum MediaLogs is a MediaWiki project, launched in mid-October after the Catalan referendum. MediaWiki is an open source server-based software that facilitates the organization and visualization of information. So I have used this software, as an exercise to provide documentation about this issue.

The material that I provide is cached using the services of the Wayback Machine and so that it doesn’t necessarily depend upon URLs that can potentially be shut down in the future. Transforming MediaWiki into a more participatory infrastructure, where users were able to upload documentation to the system, it would possibly trigger new material to be updated, while at the same time users would engage with the sharing basics of the wiki. Running MediaWiki on a Raspberry Pi can be very useful for small projects where no big server is needed. It can also be used where no internet is available. The Raspberry Pi 3 that I am using has a built-in Wi-Fi access point available. One of the advantages of using the Raspberry Pi is that it allows to create an independent, self-hosted system. That is to say, it is possible go bypass intellectual property policies

Following recommendations by activist Daniel Morales and Matthias Brugger, hosting such material in a Raspberry Pi could not be enough in case of DDoS attacks or many visits. Using a third party secure infrastructure for hosting sensitive web content, such as services from Nodo50 or Sobtec, could have been an alternative.

Material produced in this project:

︎ Diffs archive
︎ AMRO festival
︎ Online Interviews
︎ Transcripts
︎ Research book
︎ Mediawiki (referata)
︎ Mediawiki (self-hosted)